Altitude Design Summit

January 13th, 2010

I will be speaking at the Altitude Design Summit in Salt Lake City with Mike Barash from Blurb on January 22. We will be presenting a short talk on designing and publishing books, with a Q&A following the presentation. Blurb will also be hosting a “happy hour” to meet and mingle on Friday night…  come join us!

B&H Event on Jan. 28

December 31st, 2009

I will be presenting at the B&H event space in New York on January 28. The class, Self-Promotion for Photographers: Representing Yourself Online and in Print, will cover the various methods of self promotion that photographers can use. We will discuss printed materials such as business cards, mailers and books, as well as digital materials like websites, blogs, newsletters and eblasts.

There will be two sessions of the class, one from 11:00 am – 1:00 pm, and another from 3:00 pm – 5:00 pm. The later session is already at full attendance, so sign up quick for the early session!


December 18th, 2009

Seattle Suspects cover

David Brommer has just released his book Seattle Suspects, and also launched a new website, both of which I designed. The book has already gotten some great press, including a nice feature on the Blurb blog including an interview with David about the project.

David is offering the book for $60, with a limited edition set that includes a silver gelatin print for $200. Check them out!

Seattle Suspects spread

The Blue Poet Dreams

October 8th, 2009

After months of work, I am proud to announce that The Blue Poet Dreams by Brenton Hamilton has been released. The book contains a beautiful selection of Brenton’s work, representing over a decade of his mysterious and fascinating approach to image making, and was designed by yours truly.

The first edition of the book is limited to 25 signed and numbered copies, each containing a unique cyanotype  (printed exclusively for this edition). Copies are $500 each and can be purchased here. This book also represents an exciting step forward for Obscura, a new publishing venture that I am a part of, and it’s subsidiary, The Obscura Press. Look for lots more to come on these projects!


June 1st, 2009

A new show just opened at Asymmetrick Arts in Rockland that I was included in. The show, Option, featured a lively mix of work that was simply up to each artist to provide. I decided on a new piece called Memorial I, check out the Asymmetrick site for photos of the work in the show. Jon Laurence, one of the artists included in the show, had a fun piece that appeared to rely solely on audience participation. I can’t say for sure, as I couldn’t make the opening, but he posted a time-lapse video on his blog that shows the creation of the work. Take a look..  while there, take a look at his slideshow of the opening to see some photos of Memorial I and the rest of the work included in the Option show.

Memorial I will be on display during the Option show at Asymetrick Arts in Rockland, Maine from May 29 – June 20. The closing reception, which I will hopefully be attending, will be Wednesday, June 17 from 5:00 – 8:00 pm.


April 24th, 2009

Trophy I and Souvenirs IV-VI will be on display at the Creatures exhibition at Aarhus Gallery in Belfast, Maine. The show will run from April 30 to May 31 with an opening reception on Friday May 1st. Be sure to stop by if you are in the area… martinis at Three Tides will almost certainly follow the reception.

Trophy I (deer skull, gold leaf, 36″x18″) © Mat Thorne 2008

Heart in the Wound

April 15th, 2009

Heart in the Wound, a multimedia piece that I edited, will be screened at the Boston International Film Festival on Monday, the 19th. The project was shot and directed by Lisa Kessler, and centers on the clergy abuse scandal in Boston.

Here is the write-up from the festival:
Heart in the Wound is a gripping odyssey through the clergy sexual abuse crisis, as seen through the lens of photographer Lisa Kessler and the voices of three survivors. This short film weaves behind-the-scenes imagery of Cardinal Law, church insiders, lay people, protesters, victim-survivors and the media into a psychological tableau, revealing the forces of power and shame at the heart of sexual abuse, and the transforming potential of speaking truth to power. Often the focus is on the abuse of young boys, but as we experience from the story of Kathy, the lives of women have been greatly affected.

Heart in the Wound will be screened on Monday, April 20th at 3:30 pm during the Boston International Film Festival. The screening will be held at the AMC/Loews Boston Common at 175 Tremont Street. Click here to buy tickets.

PULSE Art Fair & Mr. Mann

March 6th, 2009

Art Fair season is among us! Unfortunately I will be heading back to West Virginia tomorrow to begin a new project, so I won’t be able to make it to all the shows, but I did get a chance to see the Pulse show at pier 40. Sally just happened to be working there, so not only did I get an exclusive tour, but some VIP espresso as well!

The work on display was extremely varied and overwhelming, with 101 exhibitors representing artists from 26 countries. There was far too much to take in on a quick visit, and certainly too much to write about. I would like to mention that some of Curtis Mann‘s work was on display at the Kusseneers Gallery area. Curtis and I worked together my very first summer at the Workshops in Maine and he has remained a good friend. His work involves taking found photographs and running them through a process that combines enamel clear-coat and bleach to selectively remove areas of the image. The resultant images transform the original photographs from specific situations and moments into fantastic and otherworldly scenarios. The humans in the photos become lost in this new and unsettling space, bringing further attention to their original places in landscapes scarred by war and conflict, which they also don’t belong in.

Curtis’s work is featured at Kusseneers Gallery’s space: Booth G-07. Pulse is taking place at Pier 40 on West Houston Street, and will be going on until March 8. Tickets are $20.

Curtis Mann, Attempt, connection (somewhere, Israel series), 2007
acrylic varnish and graphite on bleached found photographs

Curtis Mann, Wanderings – DETAIL, 2008

New work from Brenton Hamilton

February 25th, 2009

Brenton Hamilton, a master of alternative photographic processes, has just updated his website with new work. I have been a longtime admirer of Brenton’s mysterious and deeply affecting images, and have also had the privilege of working with him on several projects, as well as a cross-country mentorship that has been a constant source of inspiration and motivation. His new collection of images (gallery IV on his website) consists largely of circular portraits rendered in neutral shades of browns and golds created by a luscious combination of platinum-palladium and gum-bichromate. There are also the occasional salted paper prints which Hamilton has crafted in shades of red, as well as strict gum-bichromate prints which turn deep shades of green.

The portraits themselves seem to bring our attention more into the personalities and inner dialogues of Brenton’s figures, as opposed to some of his earlier work in which the actions and interactions of the figures with their surroundings and fellow inhabitants seemed to dominate. Here, the primary focus seems to be on the identity of the subjects, or rather, their multiple identities. The term two-faced takes on a very literal meaning in these new images, as several of the figures seem to be emerging from behind masks or splitting themselves into separate identities. Or are there simply two people occupying the frame? Just as the circles themselves aren’t always circles, and the colors shift from browns to greens to reds, Hamilton’s new images defy any quick categorization and attempts to gain easy answers. I could write about them for days. (go to gallery IV)


February 2nd, 2009

I have sadly become what I had feared when I created this area of the site… a neglectful blog owner. But no more! Thanks to the chastisement of friends I have decided to finally make an update.

I am currently visiting Beijing, China..  just in time for the Lunar New Year. My longtime friend Ben Schuellein and his girlfriend Sophie have been living here for several years and have graciously allowed me to stay with them while I’m here. The celebrations for the New Year have been going on for over a week now. The celebrating reached a peak the night before the new year began when fireworks exploded over every block of Beijing for over six straight hours. I have never witnessed anything like it. I was completely awestruck and overwhelmed by the scope of the celebration. I am attaching a small photo of Ben in the midst of several thousand firecrackers and a short video of a pan across the skyline. The video is small, but you can see how the fireworks stretch over every part of the city.

–> –> Fireworks over Beijing <-- <--